April 3, 2021

Welcome to Abundant Life SDA Church

It’s a blessing to gather on this Sabbath day.



9:15 A.M. Sabbath School 

Welcome                                                               Dick Mehrer

Song Service                                                     

Dismissal Prayer                                                  Dick Mehrer


9:40 A.M. Sabbath School Classes

Adult Class                  (Fellowship Hall)               Pastor Beck

Adult Class                  (Reception Area)                      Mike S.

Cradle Roll                         (Birth – 4)                         Jenni M.           

Primary Class                  (Ages 5 – 8)                    Renaye T.                                                          

Junior Class                   (Ages 9 – 12)                        June S.                    


Worship Service – 10:50 a.m.


Welcome & Announcements                         Richard Mehrer          


Opening Prayer                                               Richard Mehrer


Music & Praise                                                            Mehrers   

#294  “Power in the Blood”

#425 “Holy, Holy, is What the Angels Sing”


Opening Hymn   #166 “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”


Children’s Story                                              Dorothy Mehrer                                                 


Special Music                                                     Eva Meneses


Tithe & Offering                                               Richard Mehrer                                                      

“Local Church Budget”


Scripture Reading                                          Michael Lagazo                     

1 Corinthians 15:12-20


Pastoral Prayer                                               Michael Lagazo


Special Music                                              Jones & Staffords


Sermon Message                                         Pastor Gary Beck    

“He Has Risen”



Closing Hymn          #526 “Because He Lives”


Closing Prayer                                               Pastor Gary Beck



Announcements: Today: Apr. 3rd, 2021


Welcome church family. We are so pleased that you have chosen to worship with us today.


Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting - Join us Apr. 6th @ 7p.m.  


Our Church is hosting a “Nedley, Depression & Anxiety Recovery Program. Part 8: Thurs. Apr. 8th @ 6:30p.m.


Small Groups Bible Studies – Join us Fri. April 9th @ 6p.m.


Friday Night Vespers Join us Fri. Apr. 9th @ 7p.m.


“Let’s Work Together” Today join us for Park Ministry @ Locomotive Park @ 3p.m. to help feed the less fortunate & by sharing Gods word through songs & scripture


Cascade Christian Childcare Director Needed. CCCC is searching for a daycare director with Christian Early Learning.

For info, contact Stephanie: stephanie.gates@ccawenatchee.org


Remember! Keeping each other safe.  Non-touch greetings & social distance. Please wear mask. Wash & hands. We ask that you abide by these rules. Doing so helps us remain open.


Kids Corner – Activity Color pages will be available for kids to do during church service. Will be on the back shelf.


If you would like to contribute to the church loan. Please mark on tithe envelope “loan principle.”


Speaking Schedule next week: Ceazar Hechanova

Offering Schedule next week: Hope Channel International


Financial Stewardship: 3-31-2021

New Monthly Church Budget Goal: $4,084

Month to Date: $3034.00



Abundant Life SDA Church Calendar


Prayer Meeting – Tues. Apr. 6th @ 7p.m.

Depression/Anxiety Program – Thurs. Apr. 8th @ 6:30p.m.

Small Groups Bible Study – Apr. 9th @ 6p.m.

Friday Night Vespers – Apr. 9th @ 7p.m.

Sundown – Fri. Apr. 9th @ 7:43p.m.

Sabbath Walk & Picnic – Sat. Apr. 10th

Prayer Meeting – Tues. Apr. 13th @ 7p.m.

Small Groups Bible Study – Apr. 15th @ 6p.m.

Friday Night Vespers – Apr. 15th @ 7p.m.

Sundown – Fri. Apr. 15th @ 7:51p.m.

Prayer Meeting – Tues. Apr. 20th @ 7p.m.

Small Groups Bible Study – Apr. 23rd @ 6p.m.

Friday Night Vespers – Apr. 23rd @ 7p.m.

Sundown – Fri. Apr. 23rd @ 8:02 p.m.

Geocache Hunt @ Skeels – Sun. Apr. 25th


Save the Dates


Church Kickball – May 16th

Silver Falls Sabbath Hike & picnic – June 12th

Virtual Camp Meeting — June 14 – 19

Church Campout – Aug. 6-8 @ Chatter Creek, Leavenworth.


April Birthday’s


03 - Anthony Jones                             07 - Geraldine Street

12 – Mike Skeels                                 13 - Dick Mehrer 

27 - Noah Wright

Happy Birthday!!


Contact Phone Numbers:

Pastor Gary Beck - (208) 401-6370 (cell)

Head Elder, Richard Mehrer – (509) 662-3063

Communications, Jenni McCullough – (509) 741-0329

Email Jenni McCullough -jjmccullough025@gmail.com


Web Site is: http://prayingfriends.net


Church Mail PO Box 1844 Wenatchee, WA 98807

Church Address 1212 Easy Street, Wenatchee WA 98801